Traveling Abroad

Traveling Abroad | Useful Tips to Make Your Vacation Hassle Free

Planning your Vacation in Abroad? A vacation, only name is enough to bring smile on anyone’s face and to burst the stress. One should go for vacation at least once a year with family or alone. It really helps to soothe your mind and calm your nerves. Planning of vacation is equally important so that you can enjoy your holiday fully without any nuisance. So if you are traveling abroad, here are some useful tips to make your vacation hassle free:

Where You Want to Go:

Very first step towards vacation planning is to decide where you want to go. Always choose your holiday destination wisely and avoid repetition so that you can add whole new destinations in your travel memories.

Duration of Your Stay if Traveling Abroad:

Decide how many days you will be staying there according to your budget and convenience. You should consider weekends in your trip weather in the beginning or at the end to avoid annual causal leaves.

Flight and Hotel Booking:

Once the duration is decided then you can book your flights and accommodation. It’s always advisable to do your all booking at least 2 month before so that get the best discounts and fares. While booking online, always book your holidays during promotional activities to club specially banks / credit /debit card offers to get additional discounts and perks. Last minute booking can be quite expensive as well.

Passport and Visa
Passport and Visa

Passport, Visa and Travel Insurance:

In case if you are travelling to a foreign destination you must be having a valid passport with six months validity atleast. You will have to apply for VISA through designated embassies, can apply VISA via your travel service provider to save your precious time for preparations. You may also opt for Visa on arrival if that facility available, but in that case you must be having sufficient time at destination airport as sometimes queues are long and one can miss their connecting flights. If you are travelling abroad then you should buy a travel Insurance that is easily available online covering you for medical expenses, accidental death, loss of checked baggage, loss of passports etc.

Research about Your Destination:

We are living in Google world. Before going on holiday, you should have collected the information and got brief idea about your destination. In today’s cyber age it’s not difficult to get information about any place in the world. There are various forums and vlogs available to share the real travelling experience. That little research about local transport, cab fares, food, markets, locations, restaurants of that place will defiantly help you during your stay and save your time.

Create Your Itinerary:

You should create your itinerary or ask your travel service provider to create the same for you. This must be as per your travel & stay like on what date you will be visiting which place / mode of transport / food / market etc.

Buy Your Calling Sims OR International Roaming with Your Internet Data Packs:

If you are travelling to foreign destination then before leaving your country do check with your mobile network service provider whether they provide their services there or not. You may opt for your international roaming activation, or alternatively, you can buy international SIM cards for incoming and outgoing calls, data access. One is to select this as per their data consumption and call usage.

Currency Conversion:

Plan your holiday with budget estimation and convert the currency as per the requirement in foreign currency. You may keep an eye on conversion rates before your traveling dates &  get this converted at the best-negotiated rates with authorised currency exchanges.

Always Make Copies of Your Important Documents:

Before traveling abroad & leaving home check your all important documents twice like passport, visa, travel insurance, ID proof, hard copies of flight and hotel bookings vouchers, currency etc. it’s advisable to make at least two set of copies of each document to avoid any issues later.

Vacation bag
Vacation bag

Pack Your Bags Smartly:

And last step towards your planning is to pack your luggage smartly. Start your packing two days prior to your departure so that none of your necessary article left behind while packaging. Collect the weather forecast and take appropriate clothes to handle the climate. Take necessary converter plugs to charge your mobiles if required.

So left your stress behind and enjoy your vacation fully to create unlimited memories. While traveling abroad take lots of pictures and post on your social handles. Do share your experience with us and with your friends.

Happy Vacation!

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