Happy New Year

How to Celebrate this New Year 

Whenever winter comes up, we all get excited to our planning mode for our New Year celebrations. Its a common question among the crowd whether office colleagues, family, friends, teen age groups, social friends – How are you going to celebrate the New Year? How are you planning to welcome New Year? I want to do something special on this amazing night […]

Stay Cool in Hot Summers

Happy Summers | Stay Cool in Hot Summers

Stay cool in hot summers – Summer season has started and it’s the perfect time for picnic, outdoor adventure trips, beach trips, pool parties and much more. Summer is a highly enjoyable season than any other. But some of us don’t really like summers because of unbearable heat of summers. The sun in hot season […]

Best ways to spend time with your friends in summers

Best ways to spend time with your friends in summers [facebook][tweet][stumble][Google][pinterest] Friends are the most essential part of one’s life. Spending time with your friends sounds like a splashy wave in our mind. Whenever I thought about my friends, it asks me to go for an adventurous trip in Himalayas or to go out on […]

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