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5 Promises as a Responsible Citizen on Independence Day

Promises as a responsible citizen of India – Independence Day has its own significance like other festivals in India. It is the festival of freedom celebrated by every Indian without any hindrance of religion, cast and rituals. Freedom is a very profound feeling, you have powers to act as you want, and you are free to take your own decisions without any restrictions.

15th August 1947 was the day when we finally got the victory after so many struggles and sacrifices by our great freedom fighters. A country can grow only when its citizens understand their responsibility towards the nation. We can give our little contribution by following 5 promises as a responsible citizen on this Independence Day.

Save the Environment by Tree Plantation:

Promise Number One: On this Independence day, lets start our day with tree plantation anywhere in the garden, park or roadside as per the applicable laws. We know that trees are very helpful to clean up our environment. If each one of us plants a tree every month, we will be able to make India Green with clean environment to breathe. So on this Independence Day, Go Green.

The famous cricketer ‘Gautam Gambhir’ is promoting an initiative along with school kids. We salute him for his efforts for Make My City Green campaign.

Say No to Plastic Use as a Responsible Citizen:

Promise Number Two: Plastic is very harmful for our environment as well as for humans and animals. Plastic is the major cause of air, land and water pollution. Indian Government has already banned the plastic use, which is a big step to protect our environment. On this Independence Day, lets take an oath and Say No to Plastic Use.

Clean our Surroundings:

Promise Number Three: On this Independence Day, lets Join our hands with ‘Swachh Bharat Mission and give our contribution to make India cleaner. Be a responsible citizen of India, neither throw nor lets other throw garbage on the roadside.

Help one Underprivileged Child:

Promise Number Four: Lets take the responsibility of one underprivileged child. Do help him by taking care of his/her education, providing shelter and food or in any other way which will lead to survive that child in this society. Few of the NGOs who can help us in this mission:

Smile Foundation

Save the Children

Help to Martyr Soldier’s Family:

Promise Number Five: To support and help our soldiers / security forces and their families. If we are taking breath in this tension free environment then its only because of our soldiers and security forces. Our soldiers are our real heroes who are standing day and night on our borders like a rock to save our country from enemies. Words are too less to thank them enough but we can help the families of our brave hearts who have sacrificed their lives to save us. We can donate to Martyr’s Family directly as much we want by an initiative ‘Bharat Ke Veer recently launched by the Government and the Bollywood icon Akshay Kumar.

It will be a small contribution, to be done and followed by every citizen of India on this Independence Day. Happy Independence Day to all!

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