Happy Independence Day

Independence Day of India | Sare Janha Se Acha

Every year 15th August is being celebrated as Independence Day of India.  Independence is precious for every Indian because we have got this privilege after many years of our struggle & sacrifices. On 15th August 1947, India got its freedom from Britishers, who had ruled us for almost 200 years. This day always reminds us and a tribute to our freedom fighters & soldiers who fought for the nation and also sacrificed their lives saying ‘Sare Janha se Acha Hindusta Hamara’.

Independence Day Celebration:

Every year Independence day of India is being celebrated with full joy and charm throughout the country but main event occurs in the capital New Delhi, where the honorable Prime Minister of India hoist the Indian flag at Red Fort followed by 21 gun salutes in the honor of Indian Flag and National Anthem ‘Jan Gan Man’ played by Indian Air Force band. It’s a holiday for everyone on 15th August every year.

Independence Day of India
Independence Day

Independence from Major Issues:

It has been 71 years since we got our independence but still we are fighting to taste our freedom from some major and serious societal issues which require attention & need to be solved urgently. Every country has its own set of problems, Government can only make laws and implement them but at the end it’s our responsibility as a citizen to take initiatives and follow these laws. It all starts from the childhood and good parenting, parents should teach their children how to become responsible citizen, to value and respect laws, to value freedom which we got after so many sacrifices, to respect National Flag and National Anthem and to respect a woman.

Here are some serious societal issues raising alarm for the solution:

Women Safety in India:

Women Safety – one of the major issues in India, it’s really painful to say that women are not safe in our society. One side we worship all Goddesses and the other side we disrespect women in our country. Our system talks about women empowerment but somehow same system is incapable to provide safety to women in India. Increasing rate of rape cases, girl child abuse and domestic violence are serious concerns. But we can’t blame system only, we can also help system by educating our girls and make them learn self defense so that they can take a stand against wrong and protect themselves, educating our boys to learn them to respect women not only in family but in the society they live in. We need to have strong laws with a provision of timely punishment to guilty to washout this problem.

Control the Population and Poverty:

India is the second largest populated country in the world with the population of 135 CR approx. In fact the population chart is getting increased by every second and the day is not so far when we will be beating China. Rise in the population means arising many problems like illiteracy, poverty, unemployment etc. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world but still unemployment is a major concern for India which causes the growth in poverty. After 71 years of independence, India is still a developing county. Government should make strong laws against the rapid growth in population and also implement them sincerely. Every Government introduced many schemes for citizens but most of them generally failed to implement them in proper ways. Time has come to take few bold steps to overcome these issues.

Promise for Cleanliness on this Independence Day of India:

Most of the Indian cities have been rated as the dirtiest cities in many surveys. India is no where standing in the list of world’s top cleanest cities which is quiet embarrassing for any Indian. It is also a cause of many uninvited diseases. It does totally depend on the citizens of the country if they want they can keep the cleanliness outside of their houses as well inside. In India, people usually clean up their houses but throw garbage on the roads. In 2014 PM Mr. Narendra Modi has inaugurated a campaign ‘Swachh Bharat Mission to clean our country but this mission is possible only when citizens of India understand their responsibility towards their society and contribute to make India cleaner and make this mission successful.

Corruption Free India:

Corruption is one of the serious concerns of India which is highly affecting the development and our economy. It starts from bribing others to accomplish our work which further converts into big scams. Today we can hardly find any Government department or private sector with zero corruption. But if we the people of India pledge neither to give bribe nor to take then to some extent we can stop the corruption in our society. First change yourself, System will change automatically.

Quality of Education in India:

Education is the fundamental right of every child and the duty of our Government to make sure that every child must be getting basic education. According to Annual Status of Education Report 2016 (ASER), India is continuously going downward in terms of quality of the education. Government must show concern towards primary education especially in Government schools. We need to understand that these children are the future of the country so they should definitely get quality of education.

There are many other social issues which require immediate remedy like Healthcare Issues, Pollution Issues etc.  On this Independence Day of India, we need to get freedom from all these issues to make India shine all over the world.

If the citizens of India are responsible enough, only then our country will become more responsible. It’s our duty to make our country proud, even small contribution from each of the citizen can make big changes in the system and give more reasons to celebrate Independence Day of India.

Happy Independence Day! Jai Hind

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