How to get Glowing Skin in Summer | Beauty Tips

How to get Glowing Skin in Summer | Beauty Tips

Glowing Skin

How to get glowing skin – Most of us believe that inner beauty of a person is more important than the outer beauty. “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”   Plato. Inner beauty is all about, what you feel and your confidence, which makes you presentable to the world. Outer beauty presents your physical features like your hair, eyes, lips, your body size, your skin. We personally think that both, inner and outer beauty have its own importance.

Everyone strives to get beautiful and flawless skin. It’s a very common nature of human, to want themselves more attractive among the throng. During summers we need extra care for our skin to avoid most of the skin problems. Especially in summers UV rays directly attack on human skin and harm it badly. In this season humidity gets increased, which results an oily skin, pimples, zits , dull skin, tanning and many more skin problems. Hence to protect our skin from the harmful effects of sun, we must take proper care of our skin. Now you can get an unblemished skin at home, without pay more as you do in parlors. In our small kitchen, we have so many ingredients, which can help us to get a clean and perfect glowing skin.

How to get Glowing SkinTry these 5 useful and easy herbal beauty tips and face mask for glowing and flawless skin in this intense heat of summer.

1.  For removing sunburn wash your face with fresh coconut water. After 5 minutes, wash your face with clean n cold water.

Fresh Coconut Water
Coconut Water

2. Working in sunlight for long time will cause dark complexion and black spots on your face. To remove that spots try this face mask:

  • Take overnight soaked pink lentil (dhuli masoor dal) & grind it well. Now mix 1 tsp lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric in it. Apply this paste over your face and neck. Once mask gets dry, wash with clean water properly for glowing skin forever.
Face Pack for Dark Spots
Face Pack for Dark Spots


3.  This face pack is the best remedy for sunburn:

  • Don’t throw the orange peel. Dry the orange peel in sunlight and finely grind it well and put it in a bowl. Now make a face pack by mixing ¼ tsp that orange peel powder + ½ tsp besan + 1 tbsp rose water. Apply this mask at least once in a week and feel the difference in your skin.
Face Pack For Sunburn
Face Pack For Sunburn


4Sugar is to be assumed as a good exfoliator. By using this you can remove your old dead skin and get a new glow. Add and mix 3 tsp lemon juice with sugar & apply on your face. This also works as a scrubber.

Sugar Lemon Scrubber

  5.  If you want to get rid of pimples, then try these easy and effective remedies for glowing skin:

Ingredients For Pimples Remedies
  • Grind the fresh basil leaves (tulsi leaves). Now mix a pinch of turmeric (haldi) powder into this paste & apply on your face. Wash with clean water, when it gets dry.
  • Mix ½ tsp crushed cinnamon (Dalchini) with 2 tsp lemon juice, apply on acne or pimples. After some time you may wash your face with clean water.
  • Grind the overnight soaked almond and mix it with little amount of rose water and sandal powder, apply on the affected areas on your face.
  • Apply peel of ripe papaya on affected areas, it also helps to remove acne.

6. Usually in summers our body and skin get dehydrated faster, so to keep our body and skin hydrated, we need to have an adequate amount of water in daily routine. Experts advise, drinking minimum 8 glasses of water daily, helps our skin to glow faster. So drink an adequate amount of water for glowing skin, whenever you are thirsty.

Drink Fresh Water

Rome wasn’t built in a day. One needs to have passions and apply above useful tips in regular practice to get desired outcome for glowing skin naturally.

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