Happy Holi

HOLI -The Festival of Colors

HOLI HAI…!! Yes! Now days you can easily hear this slang and can easily saw people specially children with colored face and hands with bright colors.

One of the biggest and ancient festival of Hindus which is widely celebrated all over in India. You can easily see the diversity in the Holi celebration everywhere in India. The people in different states celebrate this fest according to their religious rituals. Ways can be different but excitement is same everywhere. Holi is celebrated in the Phagun maah according to Hindu calendar. It is the beginning of spring season in India. Holi is the festival of conquest of good over evil.

The Celebration:

Basically Holi is a two or three days festival but celebration of this festival is started many days before the actual date. You can smell the fragrance of Gulaal and the aroma of Holi delicacies in the air. You can see colorful thaals with heap of vibrant colors, water-guns, water-balloon, colored hats etc in shops during this fest. And, don’t forget the sweet shops with lots of mouth watering sweets.

The first day of this festival is known as Holika Dahan or Choti-Holi. On this day people do holika pujan then take the rounds around the bone-fire and do their rituals. Holika Dahan symbolizes the triumph of good over evil.

The second and the most awaited day of this festival is called Dhulandi or Rangwali-Holi. This day is full of Masti, Music, Bright Colors, Dance, and Tasty food. But beware of applying harmful colors it can damage your skin badly. Play on this festival with only organic Gulaal or you can use colors made off with natural ingredients.

Holi ki Mithaas:

Holi Gujiya

This festival is incomplete without delicious Gujiyas. This delicacy is specially made in homes on this festival. Many more sweets and dishes are prepared on this day which only increase the excitement of this magnificent festival.

The traditional drink of this festival is Bhang which is intoxicating and not prefer by everyone.

Traditional Holi:

Holi was the favorite festival of Lord Shri Krishna. According to some Hindu mythology, this fest symbolizes the love of Radha-Krishna. Actual traditional Holi is played on the land of Krishna which is Mathura and Vrandavan (UP, India).

Barsana ki Lathmaar Holi is the most famous traditional Holi in India which not only attracts the localities but also foreign tourists. Foreigners specially plan and visit India during this season to enjoy this festival.

Lathmaar Holi

There are some places in India which are famous for their special celebration in a traditional way..

  • Mathura and Vrandavan (U.P)
  • Barsana (U.P)
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Jaipur, Udaipur (Rajasthan)
  • Hampi (Karnataka)
  • Goa

Let’s celebrate the Holi with extra zeal, do lots of masti with family and friend and enjoy the tempting food.

Happy Holi!

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