Stay Cool in Hot Summers

Happy Summers | Stay Cool in Hot Summers

Stay cool in hot summers – Summer season has started and it’s the perfect time for picnic, outdoor adventure trips, beach trips, pool parties and much more. Summer is a highly enjoyable season than any other. But some of us don’t really like summers because of unbearable heat of summers. The sun in hot season stays at its peak, which can harm you badly. Human body is very much sensitive towards the heat, so the UV Rays can easily burn your skin whenever you come out without any protection. You should be more careful in summers, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the hot days. You can stay cool and look stunning in hot sunny days as well. You can beat the heat of summers & stay cool in hot summers by following these common but very useful tips..

Take shower everyday:

Start your day with a nice and cold shower, it will give freshness and relaxation to your body. It is advisable to take shower at least twice a day to be more fresh & relaxed.

Drink plenty of water:

In summers because of the heat we sweat more, which results that body gets dehydrated very soon. To keep our body hydrated in summers, we should drink plenty of water, after small duration. Don’t go out with a heavy diet in summers. Try to consume liquid as much as you can like fresh juices, lime water etc.

Always use sunscreen:

Everyone wants to be outside and have fun in this exciting season without any stress. But you must need to protect your skin from UV Ray’s exposure. Always apply a sunscreen to the all uncovered area of the body before come out in the sun. Do continue to reapply it after every two hours. Sunscreen will protect your skin from dangerous consequences of UV rays like sun burn, wrinkles and skin cancer. There are number of SPF (sun protection factor) range in sunscreen lotions available in market. You can choose sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher according to your skin type.

Wear cotton and light colored clothes:

In summers, you need to select right fabrics, which will make you feel cool and sweat free. Cotton fashion, linen, silk are natural fabrics. These fabric clothes will help to make you feel cool in this sweating summer. Always choose light colored clothes for sunny days.

Use sunglasses to stay cool in hot summers:

The UV rays can also harm your eyes. To avoid eye contact with sun, you should always use sunglasses.

Plan a pool party to chill with your friends:

If you are a partyholic and want to chill out with your friends in thrilling summers, then pool party theme is only for you. So just plan a pool party with your friends and have fun in water with lots of mocktails.

By taking little precautions, you can easily stay cool & adore summers and make it memorable forever. So guys this summer don’t scared off with the heat, just beat the heat.

Do keep sharing here your ideas to stay cool in hot summers.

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