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Happy Friendship Day | Friendship is Forever

Every day is a Friendship Day when you are with your friends but there is one particular day which is only assigned to celebrate this special bonding called friendship. Every year the first Sunday of the month of August is dedicated to our friends and called as ‘Friendship Day’.

When is the Friendship Day this year?

This year Friendship day is on 5th August – the first Sunday of August.

What is Friendship?

If you Google this question then you will find thousand of different definitions on friendship. But the question is why we need to find the answer on Google? To simplify this more, we can define friendship as follows:

“Friendship is a deep connection between two or more people, who care and stand for each other in any context no matter how far they have reached in their lives”.

We make many friends in life but only few of them last for lifetime and call them True Friends or Insane Friends. According to me ‘An insane bond share between two sane people is called Friendship’.


It’s really hard to find true friends (with same mental disorder like you :)) in this age of Social Media. It’s very easy to add hundreds of friends in your friend list just by few clicks but at the end they just increase the numbers in your friend list nothing more. When we grow up we realize that it’s not important to have tons of friends, but more important to have few real ones. A true friend doesn’t need space in your friend list, but in your life and in your heart.

Friendship goes beyond a mere give n take concept. True friends don’t need constant reassurance. There is no hidden agenda in friendship like other relationships. True friends will smile with you, care for you, call you with different names, do crazy and silly things with you, shout at you for your wrong doings, forgive you easily and accept you as it is as you are. You should never lose such annoying yet loving souls in life.

Friendship Day Quote:

“Friendship is a Blessing, So before finding the love of your life, one should try to find

friend for life.” 

Friendship Band
Friendship Band

On this friendship day, do all stupid things with your insane friends and let them know what importance they hold in your life.

Mark all of your true friends in comments, gift friendship bands and wish them a very Happy Friendship Day!

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