Great Wall of China | 7 Wonders of the World | Chinese wonder

Great Wall of China | 7 Wonders of the World | Chinese wonder

The Great Wall of China is among the Seven Wonders of the World and a must visit place on the earth. Wall of China is having a great historical importance and is a major tourist attraction in the world. According to an earlier research, great wall is the only man-made human object which is visible from the moon. The Great Wall of China has significant importance in the history of China. According to a latest update, every year 4-5 million visitors come to visit the worlds’ longest construction – Wall of China.  UNESCO has also declared The Great Wall of China to one of the world’s greatest historical sites.

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China

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History of the Great Wall:

The part of existing Great Wall of China was constructed around 2000 years back by first emperor of China Qin Shi Huang. The construction is a sequence of fortification (basically military constructions) made for self defense and to protect the borders / boundaries from the enemy and to protect the intrusions. The wall is made off chalk, lime, rocks, stones, wood, rammed earth, bricks etc. There were several small walls being constructed during that era, which were later joined together and known as “The Chinese Wall”. However, major section of existing China wall was constructed during Ming Dynasty.

Great Wall of China from Space | Believe it or not:

It is unbelievable to know that The Wall of China is the only men made object available on earth which is also visible from space. After seeing the size of the wall, one definitely thinks twice that how it was made that time when resources were limited in nature; no advanced construction equipments were available. However it is also said that Wall is visible from naked eyes from the lower orbit of the earth with defined attitude and perfect whether conditionJ.

Interesting Facts about Great Wall of China

–          China wall is approximately 5500 miles or approx 8850 Km long and constructed from east to west in China. While the entire wall after combing the all branches, is approximately 13,171 miles or approx 21,196 km long.


–          Along with the Wall, there are 7000 -8000 lookout towers made for the security of the Wall, which is also considered now the part of the Great wall.


–          The width & height of great wall varies from one end to another, which ranges 10 -30 feet wide and up to 30-35 feet high at some points.


–          The wall construction took several centuries; few million people worked day-night and completed the present wall. It is said that approx 1.5 -2 million people died while the construction of the Great wall.


–          Who had done the construction of the wall: There are different stories popular about the construction workers. As per the ancient history of china, wall construction was a type of a punishment for slaves and criminals. If the emperor decides to punish any slave or criminal, that person was considered automatically for wall construction supervised by the soldiers.


–          The China Wall is the largest building men made construction which covers almost all parts of land including hills, mountains, plains, desert, and grassland.


How to reach to China Wall:

The best way to reach to The Great Wall of China is to reach to Beijing city first. Beijing is the capital of China & well connected with other Chinese cities and the rest of the world through world’s second busiest International Airport. One can reach the city Beijing, China to enjoy the sight & take a walk on The Great Wall. Badaling which is near to Beijing is the most crowed and visited part of China Wall.

Best Time to visit China Wall:

For International visitors, the best time to visit The Great Wall of China in the month of May, June, September & October because of favorable weather conditions and less local crowd. However, one can plan the China Wall trip in different weather to enjoy the best scenic views. It is always advisable to visit the Wall either early morning or late in afternoon to avoid the rush.

After knowing the facts about The Great Wall of China, one should definitely visit this wonder at least once in the life time.

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