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Happy Summers | Stay Cool in Hot Summers

Happy Summers | Stay Cool in Hot Summers Summer season has started and it’s the perfect time for picnic, outdoor adventure trips, beach trips, pool parties and much more. Summer is a highly enjoyable season than any other. But some of us don’t really like summers because of unbearable heat of summers. The sun in hot season stays at its ...

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Tattoo Designs: Crazy about Tattooing

Crazy about Tattooing: Some popular Tattoo Designs Crazy about Tattooing! If Yes, this article may help you to find few exciting Tattoo designs & patterns. Tattoos can be permanent or temporary. Mehndi tattoo is an example of temporary tattoo, very much popular in Asian countries, temporary in nature and can be removed easily, while permanent tattoos are quite popular all ...

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How to get Glowing Skin in Summer | Beauty Tips

How to get Glowing Skin in Summer | Beauty Tips How to get glowing skin – Most of us believe that inner beauty of a person is more important than the outer beauty. “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”  ― Plato. Inner beauty is all about, what you feel and your confidence, which makes you presentable to the world. Outer beauty presents your physical ...

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Palazzo Pants | a fashion culture opted by the world

Palazzo Pants, Palazzo Trousers for women: a fashion culture opted by the world unanimously Palazzo trousers are commonly known as Palazzo pants / Palazzo slacks, are much more in demand and a favorite outfit for modern women. Palazzo pants are nothing but long loose trousers with wide leg – known as wide leg Palazzo pants, in different style, print and ...

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