Best ways to spend time with your friends in summers

Best ways to spend time with your friends in summers


Friends are the most essential part of one’s life. Spending time with your friends sounds like a splashy wave in our mind. Whenever I thought about my friends, it asks me to go for an adventurous trip in Himalayas or to go out on long road trip or to ask me to organize a mind-boggling theme disc party. There is a kid or moreover a teenager resides inside all of us who always inspires us to live that era with full of life and fun.

Spend time with your friends

I remember my college hostel days when we go out every night and walk few kilometers all across the railway tracks just to taste awesome dishes of interior village Dhabas (small setup village hotels). We all love to enjoy and cherish our memories with our best friends. Isn’t it? Here are few ways to spend time with your friends :

Organizing a Splash Pool Theme Party with your friends

Splash pool theme party

There are numerous ways by which we can enjoy the quality time with our best friends. It would be an awesome idea to club few things together as per the different liking of your friend circle. When I asked this question with my friends – one told me that I like pool party, another one told me let’s have a theme bash. So recommendation is always explore something new and innovative. Don’t hesitate to experiment it further by clubbing 2 or more ideas. Especially in summers when everyone tries to rejuvenate and love to have a splash pool bash with the combination of a perfect theme, could be a sparkling color theme, filmy theme, retro style or old school theme.

Going out with friends on Adventurous Sports & spend time with your friends:

Adventurous sports with friends

Every one of us would love to cherish lifetime moments with our best buddies. While discussing this with my friends, I found that everyone is ready to experience as per their choices. So we finally decided to dip into the excitement one by one while taking all safety precautions:

Rafting: Rafting or White Water Rafting is a perfect adventurous outdoor activity. Great amount of thrill and excitement you may share with your friends while doing the same in rough water.

Mountaineering: Mountaineering or commonly known as Mountain Climbing is a perfect idea to have fun for lion-hearted bunch of friends while flavoring with enthusiasm and pleasure. It includes all 3 options – hiking, skiing and mountain climbing through rock craft, snow craft, skiing over rocks, snow and ice respectively.

Rappelling: Rappelling or Abseiling is the perfect option in adventurous sports category. Rappelling is basically a descent down with the help of rope facing towards a rock in controlled manner.

Apart from that they may be other adventurous sports ideas like sky diving, Para-sailing, Paragliding, Under Water Scuba Diving etc you can opt for to spend time with your friends.

Indoor Theme Party:

Indoor theme party

We all love to have party. Those who are not interested in adventurous sports or outside trips may love to take this idea. There are various theme party ideas – Vampire, Movie, Celebrity, Neon, Pajama party popular among youth. However, our recommendation is to try something unique in nature that can make it more entertaining and exciting. For example one can decide the theme to take a getup of his/her best friend who is also present in the party. Another one is to club couple of themes /treasures together to make it slightly unique in nature. However keeping summer season in mind one should select the themes which are appropriate for this season.

Road Side Long Drive:

Road side long drive


This is quite old but popular way of enjoying your evening with your friends. Take your cars /bikes out and go for a long drive with bunch of best friends. Don’t forget to carry necessary things like water bottles, tent for night stay, packed food, matchbox for campfire etc. Stay at the coolest place like river shore, hill side valley area or may be highway road side dhaba (Hotel) to enjoy your evening and cherish your old memories together.

You may also share your experience and add more ideas here.

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