Summer Juices | 5 Healthy and Tasty Summer Juices to Beat the Heat

Summer Juices | 5 Healthy and Tasty Summer Juices | How to Beat the Heat of Summer

Summer is here. In summer we sweat more, and to avoid dehydration we have to refill our body with plenty of water. Also, eating lots of fruits or having juices rich in vitamins and minerals is beneficial for health in summer days.

Summer Juices
Fruit Juices in this summer


Fruit and vegetable juices stay us cool in the intense heat of summers and also help us to prevent number of health related issues. With the help of juicer, we can easily make different type of fruits or vegetables juices.

Here are some healthy and tasty summer juices which your body would just love and help to fight the blistering heat of summer.

Lemon Juice:  Lime Juice – Juicing for weight loss

Summer Juices - Lime Juice
Lime Juice

Everyone just loves lemon juice or we can say “Nimbu pani” which can be easily made at home. Lemon is a high source of vitamin c which prevents stomach related problems. By having one glass lemon water in morning everyday u can loss your weight much faster, thus acting as an easy weight loss natural remedy. Lemon juice contains antioxidant which disinfects the skin and protects it from skin cancer. A glass of Nimbu pani everyday can bring glow on your skin.

Watermelon Juice: Perfect Summer Juice for Juice Diet

Summer Juices - Watermelon juice
Watermelon juice

We usually like those fruits and vegetables which look refreshing and eye soothing and keep us cool in this tropical summer. Watermelon is the most refreshing and thirst-quenching & tasty fruit, which is the great source of water required for human body. Watermelon is a fruit of season, so can be eaten raw or in the form of juice which can be easily made at home. Not only it tastes good but also has many health benefits. Watermelon juice is rich in electrolytes and water content which is the best way to beat the summer heat and thirst. Watermelon is the excellent source of vitamin-A, which is a great natural anti-oxidant. Having fresh fruits or juices rich in vitamin-A, help to protect body from lung and oral cavity cancers. Watermelon juice helps in reducing the risk of kidney problems.

Orange Juice: A Healthy Breakfast Idea

Summer Juices - Orange juice
orange juice

Consumption of juicy fruits like orange is very high around the world. Orange juice is the good example of well known healthy summer juices. Orange juice is commonly used on breakfast table everywhere. Orange juice has many health benefits as it contains plenty of nutrients. It is a good source of vitamin-c and fiber. Orange juice is low in calories. Drinking a glass of orange juice every day, keeps your body hydrated and refreshed specially in summers.

Mango Juice: The Coolest One in this Summer

Mango juice
Mango juice

Mango is the most popular fruit in world because of its yummy taste and nutritional facts, which makes this super fruit the ‘King of Fruits’. Apart from its mouth-watering taste, many other health benefits are related with mango and its juice. Mango juice is an excellent source of vitamins, fiber and minerals. Mango juice is low in calorie and provides a notable amount of Iron and Calcium which is advisable in pregnancy. But too much intake of mango juice can fluctuate the sugar level in human body.

Sugarcane Juice: Energy Booster

Sugarcane juice
Sugarcane juice

In India sugarcane juice or can say ‘Ganne ka Ras’ is quite popular and easily available at very reasonable rate in summer. Mostly we buy it from street vendors, but we have to make sure that it must be fresh enough otherwise it will harm your health. Sugarcane juice also contains many health benefits. It is a good instant energy booster in summer and also a rich source of glucose. It is advisable in many diseases like jaundice to get faster recovery.

Now days packed juices are easily available in every single store….but still they can’t beat the goodness and richness of fresh homemade juices. Do try out above summer juices in this summer to beat the heat all around.

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