Traveling Abroad

Traveling Abroad | Useful Tips to Make Your Vacation Hassle Free

Planning your Vacation in Abroad? A vacation, only name is enough to bring smile on anyone’s face and to burst the stress. One should go for vacation at least once a year with family or alone. It really helps to soothe your mind and calm your nerves. Planning of vacation is equally important so that you […]

Responsible Citizen

5 Promises as a Responsible Citizen on Independence Day

Promises as a responsible citizen of India – Independence Day has its own significance like other festivals in India. It is the festival of freedom celebrated by every Indian without any hindrance of religion, cast and rituals. Freedom is a very profound feeling, you have powers to act as you want, and you are free […]

Happy Independence Day

Independence Day of India | Sare Janha Se Acha

Every year 15th August is being celebrated as Independence Day of India.  Independence is precious for every Indian because we have got this privilege after many years of our struggle & sacrifices. On 15th August 1947, India got its freedom from Britishers, who had ruled us for almost 200 years. This day always reminds us […]

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar | An Iconic Superstar

Akshay Kumar, an iconic superstar, is a well known and established actor of Indian Film Industry. His journey from a stuntman to a ‘National Award’ winning actor is commendable. Akshay Kumar is a self-made man who has achieved every success by his own. He had started off his filmy career without any God Father in […]

Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day | Friendship is Forever

Every day is a Friendship Day when you are with your friends but there is one particular day which is only assigned to celebrate this special bonding called friendship. Every year the first Sunday of the month of August is dedicated to our friends and called as ‘Friendship Day’. When is the Friendship Day this […]

Rakhi Festival

Rakhi | A Bond of Love and Faith

India is known for its culture, traditions and festivals. Celebrating every festival in traditional way with different custom but with same zeal is the main aspect of Indian culture. Every festival has its own essence and deep impact in our life. Rakhi is one of the biggest and holy festivals, celebrated in the month of […]

Happy Holi

HOLI -The Festival of Colors

HOLI HAI…!! Yes! Now days you can easily hear this slang and can easily saw people specially children with colored face and hands with bright colors. One of the biggest and ancient festival of Hindus which is widely celebrated all over in India. You can easily see the diversity in the Holi celebration everywhere in […]

Happy New Year

How to Celebrate this New Year 

Whenever winter comes up, we all get excited to our planning mode for our New Year celebrations. Its a common question among the crowd whether office colleagues, family, friends, teen age groups, social friends – How are you going to celebrate the New Year? How are you planning to welcome New Year? I want to do something special on this amazing night […]

Winter Boots

5 Easy ways for sassy & stylish look this winter

How to get stylish look in this winter – Winter has already knocked our doors, so it’s the time to change your wardrobe in some classy, stylish yet elegant winter’s outfits and say bye to your summer dresses for a while. Usually in winters, we cover our self with the layers of pile of clothes to […]

Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput | The New Sensational Star In B-Town

There are very few actors in Indian Film Industry, who rose from theatre and TV and got success and huge appreciation on Big Screen without having any Godfather. Sushant Singh Rajput is definitely one of them and due to his magnificent personality and virtuous acting skills; he became heartthrob for girls and women. We all […]

Stay Cool in Hot Summers

Happy Summers | Stay Cool in Hot Summers

Stay cool in hot summers – Summer season has started and it’s the perfect time for picnic, outdoor adventure trips, beach trips, pool parties and much more. Summer is a highly enjoyable season than any other. But some of us don’t really like summers because of unbearable heat of summers. The sun in hot season […]


Versatile Outfits | 5 Most versatile outfits for your wardrobe

Women love shopping, especially they love to buy different outfits for their wardrobe. Generally our wardrobe is overflowing with ample set of attires, yet there is a question which comes first to our mind whenever we open our closet and standing for a while and ask to our self “what do I wear? I have […]

Mother's Day

Do something special for your Mom on this Mother’s Day

Do something special for your Mom on this Mother’s Day: God has blessed us with so many blood ties but the bonding between a mother and a child is the most beautiful and precious in this world.  Although, parents have gotten the highest place after God but, no one can deny the importance of mother […]

Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Designs: Crazy about Tattooing

Crazy about Tattooing: Some popular Tattoo Designs Crazy about Tattooing! If Yes, this article may help you to find few exciting Tattoo designs & patterns. Tattoos can be permanent or temporary. Mehndi tattoo is an example of temporary tattoo, very much popular in Asian countries, temporary in nature and can be removed easily, while permanent […]

Chocolate Cake Recipe | Delicious Chocolate Birthday Cake Recipe

Chocolate Cake Recipe | Eggless Choco-Nut Cake Recipe Everyone is fond of cakes, brownies, pastries of different flavor and texture. Most of the people, especially kids are the biggest lover of chocolate flavored cake. They usually demand for chocolate cake at any time. It is not always possible to go to a bakery shop for chocolate […]

Great Wall of China | 7 Wonders of the World | Chinese wonder

Great Wall of China | 7 Wonders of the World | Chinese wonder The Great Wall of China is among the Seven Wonders of the World and a must visit place on the earth. Wall of China is having a great historical importance and is a major tourist attraction in the world. According to an […]

Paneer Makhani Recipe | Vegetarian Recipes | Indian Punjabi Tadka

Paneer Makhani Recipe | Vegetarian Recipes | Indian Punjabi Tadka [facebook][tweet][stumble][Google][pinterest] Paneer is widely used in most of the Indian dishes and is a rich source of protein, which is nutritious for our health. Basically, Paneer Makhani is a popular Indian Punjabi dish, which needs no description.  There are many mouthwatering Paneer recipes popular in […]

Salman Khan | A True Indian Star | A Man with Beautiful Heart

Salman Khan – A man with beautiful heart and a great human being. Salman Khan is known for his humanity. There are very few celebrities who are equally good in the reel life as an actor as well as in their real life, Salman Khan is one of them. Salman is not only supporting to […]

Katrina Kaif | Hot Indian celebrity, Style Icon & Social Activist

Katrina Kaif – A famous movie personality, model, Indian celebrity & a style icon. Most of us love to watch her movies first day first show. Do you know that Katrina Kaif is among the few hottest searched Bollywood actresses as per Google search ranking. Apart from the on screen appearance Katrina Kaif is actively […]

Animal Print

Animal Print | A Bold Fashion Statement

Every one of us especially girls would like to dress up well before going into public. We all are worried about our style and dressing sense – how to look different in this voguish world? What should I wear to look different? Different age groups think differently but answer may be the same. Animal Print […]

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