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Animal Print | A Bold Fashion Statement

Every one of us especially girls would like to dress up well before going into public. We all are worried about our style and dressing sense – how to look different in this voguish world? What should I wear to look different? Different age groups think differently but answer may be the same. Animal Print trends are the evergreen style collection in all age groups, which makes you modish enough if paired well sensibly.  Here we are going to highlight latest print trends which have significant impact on almost every part of the globe.

Animal Print Clothing:

Animal Printed Clothing is a bold and glamorous fashion statement which has been created for all beautiful ladies who would like to be the center of attraction of the gathering. You must have seen fashion models on every alternate ramp doing a cat walk for known fashion designers to promote their latest catalogs.  What is the common trend you have observed in past couple of years? Off course! It is animal print clothing which has now become more popular and part & parcel of all brands and big designers’ catalogs.


Most favorite Animal Print patternLeopard Print Trends

There may be always a confusion to select the appropriate Animal prints which can also suit with your personality and style. There are numerous patterns available in market but which one is your favorite Animal print pattern – Leopard Print, Zebra print, Cheetah Print or Tiger Print, Snake Print, Giraffe Print, Hyena Print etc. Out of the above suggestions, Leopard Print Fashion is having its eternal style which is also elegant, stylish and sleek enough to give you bold and wildish looks. Hence we would recommend you to go for Leopard Print Collection which also suits to all age groups. But one has to follow the basic rules while selecting their outfit with any print pattern.

Leopard Print Trends
Leopard Print Trends

You can explore the latest leopard trends to buy sexy dresses and accessories. You may also buy these dresses online from known websites such as

Leopard Print Trends

How to wear Animal Print | Basic Rules to follow with Printed Animal Clothing:

It is said that “Fashion fadesbut style is Eternal” but in Animal Print Fashion both fashion and style are eternal if your outfit paired accurately. We have seen numerous incidents in past where celebrities, fashion freaks are wearing animal printing with non sensible dressing style. It should not happen with you so you should learn the basic rules to wear your sexy dress – especially with wild print pattern. It is always advisable to pair your animal outfit well so that everyone should praise you for your sensible selection.


–          Always pair and match your Print outfit with Plains, Don’t pair print with print.  Stick to a print at one time.

–          Animal prints should not be more than 50-55% of overall outfit.

–          Select the appropriate Animal Print which suits with your overall personality.

–          For parties you may select a sexy dress with loud and wild animal print. But for office it has to have muted tones of black, brown, beige and grayish shade.


Plus Size Dresses | Animal Printed Clothing for plus Size women

Fashion is quite popular among plus size women.  The most common worry among Plus size women is how to hide the unwanted flab. Animal Prints are the best answer to your worries as it is good for Plus-size women and help them to draw focus on the good side. Wide variety of plus sizes dress available in animal printed fashion catalogs because of its increasing demand day by day. Designers are also experimenting a lot by mixing prints and inventing their own mutant patterns.

Plus Size Dresses
Plus Size Dresses


Animal Print Fashion and Animal Print Accessories

The best thing about this Fashion is that it is never marked as an out dated fashion in market.

–          You would look gorgeous in leopard print shirt or leopard print top with neutral combination of legging, shoes and accessories.

–          If going with leopard print leggings or Leopard Print Pants then must be paired with a sober top.

–          If you are not wearing leopard print attire then use the appropriate accessories to mark your stylish presence. Specially with Leopard Print shoes, Leopard print flats, Leopard print pumps, Leopard print scarf, Animal print bangles, and Animal Print bags.

–          You may also try Animal print onesies, short skirts, knee length skirts, hot pants etc for a charming look.


Be a fashionable diva and show the most wildish attitude to the world with Animal Print Fashion.

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